Family left homeless after fire in Purfleet

A FAMILY has been forced to find alternative accommodation after a cooking oil fire damaged their kitchen.

The house, in Marlow Avenue, Purfleet, was heavily smoke logged when crews from Grays arrived.

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Watch Manager Lee Hollingworth, Grays Fire Station, said:

“The mother of the family was transferring potatoes into hot cooking oil and inadvertently added some excess water to the pan too.

“This immediately created a fireball which set alight to the extractor fan above.

“It’s so important to avoid adding water to hot cooking oil, and this includes making sure any food you’re cooking is dry before placing it in the oil.

“Remember, if your cooking oil does catch fire never attempt to extinguish it with water – get out, stay out and call 999.”

The fire was extinguished by 8.45pm.

The kitchen has suffered both smoke and fire damage.

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