Thursday, October 6, 2022

Labour councillor calls for clarity on Tilbury £25m

Bukky Win

Councillor calls for clarity on Tilbury £25m

AT Wednesday’s council meeting Tilbury Labour councillor Bukky Okunade called on the Tories to stop raising false hopes on the government’s £25m grant to Tilbury and how it will be used.

“It is great news that we have been given this opportunity – although it was clear last night the Tories have no idea yet what to do with it”, said Cllr Okunade. “But let’s be clear, the grant is for transport and broadband connectivity, and there are likely to be strict conditions on how it is used. It’s misleading for the Tories to tell local people ‘It’s ours to do what we like with it’.”

“Let’s involve local people in deciding how we use this money but let’s start by being clear what it’s for”


  1. Those of us with long memories remember the £20 million of cash that was squandered in Tilbury in the 1990s with little or nothing to show for it. The cash just vanished into thin air.

    20 years later another £25 million is going to be spent in Tilbury. Let’s hope this huge sum of money isn’t p****d up the wall like the £20 million was in the 1990s under Labour.

    Lets hope the good folk of Tilbury actually have something to show for the £25 million and it doesn’t get trousered by expensive consutants publishing glossy expensive brochures on projects that never get off the ground.

    History has a horrible way of repeating itself and I fear Tilbury folk will have very little to show for the £25 million.

  2. I remember that Ed, very clearly. But hey ho, thats Labour for you. Wasting money, spending what we don’t have is their trait.History has always repeated itself with Labour, they screw up running the country and certainly our borough.

    Remember Cllr Bidmeads Mayor fund, where did that money go?

  3. Why does it always need to be political TGDH.

    All the parties have a trend for wasting or spending it on themselves.

    Just think how much better Tilbury and the country would be now if the Police numbers hadn’t been reduced by 21k over the last 10 years, now they talk about increasing police numbers to 1k less than it was 10 years ago.

    That aside a little insight I was involved in a local project some years back with an £11m cash pot, by the time site investigations and studies for the feasibility of the project were completed £6m had been spent, when designed it went well over budget so another rethink and another £1m spent we did in the end get the project on the ground for the £4m that we had left and surprisingly it works well.

    So yes £25m sounds a nice pot of money so lets hope it is spent wisely.

  4. I agree with you Big Noise, money allocated to any area or project should be spent well. And yep, all parties have a rep for wasting OUR money, you only have to look at the Tory civic office project or the silly London Road road schemes.
    The point is (in response to Ed) is Labour waste more than most and have a dreadful track record in doing so.
    I have first hand experience of their attitude to finance. Granted the Tories are not much better but they are a little more careful.

    Maybe we need a party of common sense, don’t you think.

  5. I have lost count of the various schemes to revamp Tilbury over the years,the other non council house areas of Thurrock never get a mention.


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