Friday, December 8, 2023

Plans to build new coffee shop at a service station in Purfleet approved

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PLANS to build a new coffee shop at a service station in Purfleet have been approved by Thurrock Council.

The coffee shop will be built on land next to the Meads Service Station on the Arterial Road at Purfleet and will include a drive-thru facility as well as a 24-space car park.

While planning documents do not give any indication of which brand will operate the coffee shop, plans were submitted by Motor Fuel Group which has partnered with a number of leading chains including Costa and Greggs.

In planning documents, Motor Fuel Group says the development will create nine new jobs in the area, with employees working in shifts over a 24-hour period, seven days a week.

The company adds: “The application seeks the development of a new coffee shop restaurant facility at Meads Service Station, providing for motorists on the highway network an extra facility which is considered today necessary to fully complement the existing service station.

“Motorist service areas are a vital necessity and provide an important role in ensuring that motorists travel safely.”


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