Thursday, February 22, 2024

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn visits Thurrock

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THE LABOUR leader Jeremy Corbyn visited Thurrock on Sunday afternoon.

Accompanied by Thurrock Labour councillors and a large number of activists, Mr Corbyn spoke on a number of issues including the state of the economy, Foodbanks, debt, education and Brexit.

Mr Corbyn made reference to the manifesto as a “seriously thought out and costed document”.

Her also poured scorn on the prime minister Boris Johnson’s election pledge to “Get Brexit Done” saying ‘It will take several years to get a free trade agreement with the USA> He knows it.”

Thurrock’s Labour candidate John Kent was unable to attend due to a prior family engagement.


  1. Typical Labour Cock Up, Corbyn dosen’t tell Kent when he is coming, Last time Corbyn came to Thurrock for the Local Elections he visited Stifford Clays and Labour missed out, Keep it going.

  2. You have to laugh at them. It is farsical, and they want to ruin, errrr I me run the country.

    Lets just remind YT readers…it was LABOUR who SHUT ORSETT HOSPITAL denying Thurrock residents of this important facility despite a huge population growth.


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