Tilbury Independent councillor backs Jackie Doyle-Price

Allen Mayes

THURROCK Independents Councillor Allen Mayes has today come out in support of me and the Conservatives for the General Election ‪on 12th December 2019‬.‬

On a message on Jackie Doyle-Prices’s Facebook page, Cllr Mayes said “Local politics and national politics are two very different things. We have a clear alternative at local level with the Thurrock Independents. Unfortunately we do not have this alternative nationally.

“Thurrock voted overwhelmingly to leave in the referendum of 2016 and Jackie has consistently voted to leave since then. We have not always seen eye to eye on Thurrock issues, however this general election is about getting Brexit done and moving on to address issues right across this country. I believe that only a vote for the Conservatives at this election, can deliver this.

“The Conservatives have pledged £25m for Tilbury. This money is greatly needed to improve the area and will be spent on what Tilbury residents want and need. I will hold them to this promise as the residents of Tilbury have been promised money before and it never came.

“Jeremy Corbyn would be a disaster for this country. His socialist policies of ‘Free’ things for all and nationalising communication companies should strike fear with the many, not the few. After all, it will be all of us that have to pick up the bill for these policies. This is because government doesn’t have any money, it’s taxpayers money. Simply claiming to tax the rich is nonsense and will not work. So nothing is truly free and this blatant attempt to buy votes should be taken with a pinch of salt.

Boris Johnson has pledged to put more money into the NHS, 20,000 extra police officers, immigration control by introducing an Australian style points based system. All whilst making it easier for NHS Workers to come here.

Whilst the Conservatives have reduced borrowing down to £40bn per year Labours loony ideas will send it back to £100bn-something our children and grandchildren will have to repay!

“I urge people to put the country first in this election and vote Jackie Doyle-Price and the Conservatives to ensure we keep Boris as PM and not allow Jeremy Corbyn anywhere near no.10.”

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