British Council International School Award success for Woodside Academy

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British Council International School Award success for Woodside Academy

WOODSIDE Academy in Grays re-accredited with Full International School Award by British Council in recognition of its work to bring the world into the classroom.

The International School Award celebrates the achievements of schools that do exceptional work in international education. Fostering an international dimension in the curriculum is at the heart of the British Council’s work with schools, so that young people gain the cultural understanding and skills they need for life work in today’s world.

Woodside Academy’s international work includes producing 13 interesting, cross-curricular international activities that were spread out across the academic year 2018-19, involved all year groups in one or more of them and contained a wide range of subject areas.
On hearing the news that Woodside Academy had received the award, Woodside International School Coordinator Ewa Rejman, said: ‘Children at Woodside are immersed in international themes throughout the whole of their learning and this is fundamental to the fabric of their educational experience. Most of their topic work and special events throughout the school year have a definite international flavor which, to them, now just seems like school as normal. The international dimension is clearly evident in most areas of school life. Children also display great tolerance for and keen interest in other cultures and are always confident to share their own personal experiences of difference and similarity with their class friends.’

Sir Ciarán Devane, CEO of the British Council, said: ‘The school’s fantastic international work has rightfully earned it this prestigious award. The International School Award is a great chance for schools to demonstrate the important work they’re doing to bring the world into their classrooms. Embedding an international dimension in children’s education ensures that they are truly global citizens and helps prepare them for successful lives and careers in an increasingly global economy.’

The award, which celebrates its 20th Anniversary this year, is now available worldwide in countries such as India, Sri Lanka, Egypt, Lebanon, Nigeria, and Pakistan. Over 6000 International School Awards have been presented to successful schools in the UK since the scheme began in 1999.

The International School Award encourages and supports schools to develop:
An international ethos embedded throughout the school
A whole school approach to international work
Collaborative curriculum-based work with a number of partner schools
Year-round international activity
Involvement of the wider community

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