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Purfleet Primary sets up Food Bank

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Purfleet Primary sets up Food Bank

PUPILS at Purfleet Primary Academy are collecting food donations to support pupils and families who cannot afford to eat. During the recent Harvest Festival, families at the school raised a huge 143kg of food for local charities but since then, more and more families have been approaching the school requiring help to eat.

The cold winter coupled with the changes to universal credit has led to many families being unable to make ends meet. One parent said, “I try my best to budget but there just isn’t enough money to get through the month.”

Many of the families at the school rely on free school meals. In the last year, breakfast has been provided to the children to ensure that they can start the day off well.

Mr Samuel, headteacher, said, “Too many of our children are coming hungry to school and there is no way that academic progress can supersede the very basic human need for food.”

With Christmas pending, some families have approached the school because they do not have the means to give their children a gift this year. The school will be doing everything they can in order to support these vulnerable families. A ‘Gifting Tree’ and ‘Reverse Advent Calendar’ have been set up.

Mr Samuel continued, “During this time of excitement, joy and plenty, it is our duty to instil in our children the value of also caring for others. This venture is to say to our families that the well-being of all children and families should always come first. Hence the launch of this food bank. I hereby urge all those who are in a position to help, to please support this cause.”

To help fund the food bank, the school will be holding a raffle. First prize is a £50 food voucher. Should you wish to buy a ticket or to make a donation to the food bank, please contact Miss Wren or Ms Hooper on 01375 659900.

Families and staff at the school collected 143kg of food for the Harvest Festival


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