South Essex College launches new teaching apprenticeship

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College launches new teaching apprenticeship

SOUTH Essex College will be introducing a new teaching apprenticeship, meaning aspiring teachers can learn on the job and become qualified without obtaining a degree first.

The Learning and Skills Teacher Apprenticeship Level 5 is a high level teaching qualification. It is taught while you work in an education setting, designed for those wishing to work as teachers and/or trainers.

This course is ideal for you if you are new to the role of a teacher and/or trainer in the further education and skills sector and are looking to carry-out comprehensive training to support you in your development as an educational practitioner. It is also an ideal qualification if you work in education and are now looking to upskill from a current role and move into teaching

Joanne Styles, Head of English, Maths and Education at the college, said: “This is a fantastic new apprenticeship. It offers a great opportunity to provide on the job training and is ideal for both aspiring teachers looking for a career change or those already in the sector in non-teaching roles.

“If you are determined, adaptable, resilient and have a passion for promoting learning and new technologies then this is an ideal qualification to undertake.”

Candidates must hold a Level 3, A-Level or BTEC qualification in their subject specialism to gain entry to the course and hold a GCSE in Maths and English or Level 2 equivalent. They must also undertake a placement of 30 hours a week teaching which includes preparation, planning and delivery.

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