Monday, December 4, 2023

Happy New Year to all our readers as we continue to report on news in Thurrock

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PEOPLE often ask us about the future of the news industry in Thurrock. To be honest, we run our own race. We look forward not back.

In 2019, we gained 1.6 million page views. We published over 2,500 stories. Over 13,000 people follow us on Facebook and over 11,000 on Twitter.

We are alway grateful to every single person that look in on us. We have been running since September 1st, 2008. On Christmas Day, 2008, we had just eight page views. It is for that reason, even twelve years later, that we are so grateful for every reader and why, we treat every day, like an empty canvas.

If we have to be drawn on the future of news, then we will say this. A year ago, The Cairncross Review, a report on the future of local newspapers said: “For the large organisations that own local newspapers, they may have to face the facts that they may be going the same way as Kodak Cameras and Blockbuster Video”.

Printed newspapers such as The Thurrock Enquirer, The Thurrock Independent, The Yellow Advertiser all went in 2019 and may have underlined what Dame Francis Cairncross was saying.

We often compare ourselves to the music artists, who left their major labels, set up a recording studio in the house and dealt directly with the distributor. We may never make a million but our product is our own.

Continuing the music theme, the local newspaper industry, may just become a niche industry like vinyl records unless that is of course the government intervenes and supports what many see as a vital public service.

Since September 2008, we have published close to 35,000 stories. We would like to think that may be a valuable resource for researchers and historians in the future.

So we go forward into 2020 with energy, enthusiasm and a commitment to keep reporting on life in Thurrock.

Thanks for looking in.


Michael Casey
Jan 5th, 2020.

Website: YourThurrock.Com
Facebook: YourThurrock
Twitter: @yourthurrock
Youtube: yourthurrockfilms.


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