Thursday, October 6, 2022

Stifford Clays woman who “spat in mouth of the police officer saying she had Aids” escapes jail.

Basildon Magistrates Court

A STIFFORD Clays woman has received a suspended sentence after assaulting a police officer in Grays.

Michelle Walker, aged 36, of Crammavill Street, Grays pleaded guilty to the following at Basildon Magistrates court.

On 6th August 2019 at Grays assaulted a police constable, an emergency worker, namely a police officer acting in the exercise of her functions as such a worker.

A court heard that Walker spat in the mouth of the police officer saying she had AIDS.

Walker was committed to detention for twelve weeks, suspended for twelve months.

She was also fined £200.00


  1. total scumbag, needs hanging….bet she never had a job in her life !!!! waste of space disrespectful piece of shite

  2. I agree Dusty,

    Hang the scum and make the world a better place for the good people.

    We need to bring back execution for the scum and need it now!

    It shows how the system is failing when she is not even jailed.

  3. The ‘justice’ system doesn’t care for ordinary people, so in a perverse way it’s almost comforting that it doesn’t care about police officers either.


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