Senior Labour councillor pledges to investigate massive A13 overspend by Thurrock Council

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A SENIOR Labour councillor has pledged to look into the “massive overspend” by Thurrock Council in A13 improvements.

AS YT reported on Tuesday, extra money is needed to finish the widening of the A13 following a series of errors that have caused the project to go over-budget, council documents have revealed.

Chair of the Planning, Transport, Regeneration Overview & Scrutiny Committee and Labour’s Shadow Portfolio Holder for Regeneration. cllr Martin Kerin said: “It is concerning to read of the astronomical figures being quoted.

Thurrock’s residents expect infrastructure projects to be well-managed, and will baulk at the figures being quoted.

“I will be questioning senior officers about this report on Tuesday night, and expecting thorough answers that address the issues involved.”

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