Friday, July 19, 2024

New Tory councillor wants to get tough on immigration

ANYONE who has followed South Chafford councillor, Abbie Akinbohun on social media, knows that she is forthright in her views.

A councillor of endless enthusiasm and vigour, she always seems to be in her ward addressing the day to day issues that matter to the people of Chafford Hundred.

Whether it is fly-tipping, traffic, crime, anti-social behaviour. Nothing gets past cllr Akinbohun. Perhaps that is why she has defected from the Labour group and joined the ever expanding group of Conservative councillors in Thurrock.

Now and again, cllr Akinbohun takes on board national issues as well. It is clear that cllr Akinbohun feels very strongly about immigration and feels that coming into a country brings with it, rights and responsibilities.

She said: “Unpaid fines including parking fines should be part of a useful criteria to look at by the Immigration Control when allowing people back into the country. Being dishonest just doesn’t happen in a day, its a gradual process.


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