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Primary school children benefit from Thurrock-wide metals recycling campaign

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CORRINGHAM primary school children have taken part in an assembly devoted to recycling metals under Thurrock Council’s latest campaign to educate about metals in the borough.

On Tuesday 11 February, students aged from four to 11 years at Ortu Corringham Primary School participated in two interactive assemblies which focused on the importance of recycling metals and the impact that discarded aluminium and steel have on the environment. The children were shown pictures of everyday metals that they encounter, such as drink cans, crisp packets, jar lids and aerosols, and asked which colour bin each metal should go in.

Pupils then watched a video created by recycling facility Bywaters, which deals with Thurrock Council’s waste management and recycling, about the process that a drink can goes through to be recycled.

Cllr Aaron Watkins, Cabinet Member for Environment and Sports and Leisure, said: “Improving our recycling rates and tackling climate change is a key aim in the council’s Environment Strategy. We wanted to continue working and engaging with schools about our greener agenda and will continue to do so with our new recycling campaigns throughout the year.

“Informing young children about how recycled metals conserve our raw, natural resources will inspire them to take this message home to their families. Many thanks to the schools that have been involved so far and to Bywaters for supporting us.”

A spokesperson for Bywaters said: “We are pleased to join Thurrock Council once again and promote the importance of recycling to children living in the borough. Engaging with our children and young people about recycling continue to be a key priority and we will continue to back the great initiatives that support this aim.”

Mr Robert Wade, assistant headteacher at Ortu Corringham Primary School, added: “We are delighted that our children have had the opportunity to take part in these recycling assemblies. At Ortu Corringham Primary School, we are passionate about looking after our environment and take the part that we play in developing positive attitudes and an awareness of the necessity of reusing and recycling within our community very seriously.”

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