Labour launch campaign to save Thurrock’s green spaces

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THURROCK Labour has launched a campaign to “Save Thurrock’s green spaces” as plans are drawn uo by the Tory-run council to build homes across the borough.

Ruth Clapham, Thurrock resident and Lead petitioner, commenting on the launch of Labour’s petition to stop Tory-run Thurrock Council’s plans to build on green spaces in Callan Grove, Derry Avenue, Culver Centre and Field, Garron Lane, Humber Avenue and Enbourne Green in Ockendon and Belhus Ms Clapham said:

“We must to nip these crazy plans in the bud. While we accept the need for more we want housing that local people can afford in Thurrock, even thinking about building on these open spaces is wrong.

“These green spaces are essential for the health and community well-being of their local communities and are the only bits of green we have.

“There are plenty of areas in Thurrock which could fit more homes however the Tory Council have purposefully targeted our green spaces. We are not prepared to give up these precious pieces of green land without a fight.”

This petition is the first step in their campaign. They want to encourage local people and community groups to join them. If anyone shares their concerns and would like to get involved in their campaign they can sign the petition by contacting them at

Labour’s Portfolio Holder for Housing, Cllr Lynn Worrall said: “Tory councillors have given clear political support for these plans – clearly no green space is too small for them to concrete over.

“Labour will do all we can to oppose the Tories plans and protect our open spaces across the Borough”.

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