Sunday, May 28, 2023

Grays man fined for making threats to kebab shop owner

Basildon Magistrates Court

A GRAYS man has pleaded guilty to using threats of violence to try and extort money from a local shopkeeper.

Dave Steingold, aged 45, of London Road, Grays pleaded to the following at Basildon magistrates court.

Between 21/09/2019 and 24/09/2019 at Grays caused Veysel Meydan to fear that violence would be used against him by your course of conduct which you knew or ought to have known would cause fear of violence to Veysel Meydan on each occasion in that he attended the complainant’s workplace demanding £500 or he would break the shop window, that he returned on several occasions to the shop and demanding money, making threats and to do it his way or face the consequences, making cut throat motions towards the complainant, causing damage to a window at the victim’s workplace, and was aggressive and swearing and brandishing a bottle of vodka.

Steingold was made subject of a community order as well as a restraining order.

He was also fined £1,035.00


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