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Donation enables charity to focus on local children and families

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A DONATION from a flooring store has meant a charity which collects donations of baby and children’s clothing and essential items has been able to concentrate its resources on what matters the most – helping families in need in East Sussex and surrounding areas.

Baby2Baby operates a ‘baby bank’ from its headquarters at High Hurstwood, near Uckfield.

It is here that a group of volunteers collects donations and redistributes them to the families of the estimated 26,000 children in East Sussex who are living in poverty.

Baby2Baby, which is ran by mums Hannah Powell and Leila Parker, recently carried out a refurbishment of its premises and as part of that it needed new flooring for a kitchen area used by volunteers.

After a Google search, Hannah and Leila approached Flooring Superstore in Thurrock and after learning more about the charity, the store donated vinyl flooring free of charge.

Hannah said: “Like all small charities we are reliant on people’s generosity to enable us to provide our service in East Sussex, so every penny needs to be accounted for.

“Because of our growing volunteer numbers, we needed to create a nice area for people to make a drink and have a break when they are working, so the we needed to revamp the kitchen.

“The cost of the flooring we wanted was £81.38, which may not sound like much but to put it into context, by not having to pay that, it has resulted in us being able to buy four mattresses for baby cots.

“When you consider many children living on the poverty line are sleeping on the floor, then this shows how important this donation is and we are very grateful to Flooring Superstore for their support.”

Chris Barber, Flooring Superstore Retail Operations Manager, said: “We are very much aware of our own corporate social responsibility and we like to help as many charities and organisations as we can in the areas near our stores.

“When we heard about Baby2Baby, we couldn’t think of a better local charity to support. It’s doing amazing work helping families in need and we were delighted to be able to help in our own little way.”

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