Friday, June 2, 2023

Thurrock house prices rise 73.20% in past decade

By Eric White

IN the past decade Thurrock house prices have risen by 73.20%, CashLady analysis of Land Registry data has found.

Nearby Southen-on-Sea’s house prices have increased even further, with a rise of 74.85% over the same period.

Harlow has seen the highest house price growth with a rise of 74.92% while house prices in Watford and Cambridge have increased 74.75% and 73.03% respectively over the ten-year period.

In December 2019 prices in Harlow averaged at £290,068, up from £165,829 a decade before.

If prices continued to rise at the same rate they would reach £507,387 by 2030.

At the other end of the spectrum Aards and North Down in Northern Ireland saw prices fall by 7.73% in 10 years, followed by Aberdeen (-7.47%), Inverclyde (-5.81%) Mid and East Antrim (-5.32%) and County Durham (-5.18%).


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