Friday, June 2, 2023

St. Luke’s Hospice in Basildon are showing you how you can fundraise from home

By Eric White

ST. LUKE’S Hospice in Basildon have come up with ideas and tips for how the Thurrock community can help out and fundraise within the constraints of the lockdown.

They’ve set up a donation page so you can make all donations safely and securely online.

If you want to set up your own donation page, there are a number of dedicated sponsorship websites such as JustGiving or Virgin Money Giving.

The charity have posted the following ideas and tips on their website page:

Bake Off Challenge
Challenge your friends and family to a Virtual Bake Off. Set the date, ask competitors to donate to enter and then get baking! Photos of everyone’s creations can be shared by you on social media for your followers to judge – the most ‘likes’ wins!

Virtual Big Brew
Invite friends and family to join you for a virtual coffee morning. Get your teas, coffee and cake ready and connect via video call where you can enjoy your virtual Big Brew together. Once all the tea, coffee and cakes have gone, you and your guests can head over to our website to make your donation.

Donate your commute, coffee or lunch money
Working from home? Why not donate the money you’re saving from not travelling and being in the office to the Hospice! You can donate your commute, coffee or lunch money via our website.

A pocket hunt
How many times have you found loose change in clothes you haven’t worn in a while? Well, why not go on a pocket hunt through your coats, trousers and even the jacket that only comes out for special occasions and donate what you find!

Children’s challenges
Set your children a challenge that can help them stay active whilst supporting a local charity! Encourage them to design the challenge, set up a JustGiving page and watch them go! The challenge can be for a day, week or month. They could walk the stairs for set distance, do laps in the garden or build the tallest Lego tower in a set amount of time – the challenges are endless! Don’t forget to share progress updates with friends and family and encourage followers to donate.

Chores challenge
With everyone staying indoors more, now’s the perfect time to get the kids involved in housework! Encourage your little helpers by making a donation for all the chores they complete. Agree the chore, the price and make a donation once it’s done. You can make a donation via our website or collect it as you go along.

Step Counter challenge
Give yourself and your family members a target number of steps to reach each in a week. Set up a donation page on JustGiving or similar and ask friends and family on social media to support you. Complete a minimum amount each day, sharing progress with your nearest and dearest along the way. Once you’ve reached your grand weekly total, share the achievement with your followers to encourage people to donate.

Backyard marathon
Complete your very own ‘Home Marathon’. Create a route or circuit in your garden and then work out how many times you need to complete the circuit to reach a marathon distance (26.2 miles!). This can be completed over a period of time and by the whole family. Set up a donation page and ask your friends and family to support you!

Money pot creation
Get creative in your support of the Hospice by making your own unique collection pot. All you need is any pot or box with a lid and some arts and craft supplies. Decorate your pot with paint, tissue paper and more and display proudly in your home, ready to collect your pennies to donate to the Hospice. Share your creations on social media and tag us in so we can marvel at your creations!

Virtual cycle challenge
Take on a sponsored bike ride indoors on an exercise bike, or head outside if it’s part of your daily outing. Set yourself a target of how many miles you want to ride, how long you want to take part and how much you would like to raise. Make sure you make it a challenge for yourself so friends and family donate to help you reach your fundraising target.

For advice, support or tips on setting up your fundraiser, email the charity at


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