Essex Trading Standards warn businesses over rogue companies selling PPE


By Eric White

ESSEX Trading Standards are warning businesses over rogue companies calling them to try and sell personal protective equipment (PPE).

They posted the following message on their Facebook page:

“Reports have been received from the care sector of calls purporting to be from genuine suppliers, however, eagle eyed staff have noted that follow up emails are not all that they seem. A number of differences in what they usually see was enough to know it was a scam.

– If you receive a call don’t make a rushed decision. Make notes of any telephone conversation, and make sure that everything is confirmed in writing before making an agreement.
– Remember that a verbal contract is binding. Although you may be able to escape a contract if you were misled into making it, it is easier not to make the contract in the first place.
– Be aware that, as a business, you do not have the same cooling-off periods that are available to private consumers.
– Make sure that all staff who take external calls are aware of business scams.
– Check your systems and procedures for invoicing and payment to satisfy yourself that you are adequately protected.

“Report all scams to us via 0808 223 1133.”

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