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Starting USP College: advice to students joining in September

A PERFORMING and Production Arts student at USP College has written a blog piece on his advice to students that are joining USP College in September.

By James Leeds, blog from USP College website.

I’m James, a second year student, studying Performing & Production Arts at USP College, Palmer’s Campus. My advice to all of the students that are joining USP College in September, whether that be at the Seevic or Palmer’s Campus, is to just be yourself and get involved in as many things you can!

Some students come into College just to go to their lesson, and then go home afterwards, but there is so much more that you can get out of your College experience. I joined the Student Union (SU) and became a student rep, which means that I speak on behalf of all the students when decisions are made at the College. In the SU we all have different roles, I am the Safeguarding and Prevent Champion, this means I work very closely with Student Services to make sure as students we fell safe when in college and have the support we need to succeed in our studies.

The College are always asking for feedback and ideas from students to make it the best place for us to prepare us for our futures!

As well as the Student Union we also have Class Representative (Class Reps). All Class Reps will directly report to the Student Union and feedback they have from their peers. We also all meet termly, this is all students from both campuses, to discuss and plan for how we can improve our College.

As well as the Student Unions and Class Reps we have a variety of other things you can get involved in like Storm, the College sports teams, they even compete nationally against other schools and colleges. You might even have the chance to win a scholarship to university! If you’re not into sport, you can join STEM, the science club, and practice your engineering skills by building bionic arms or running tests. If you’re into performing, join the cast for the College show and practice after lessons. There’s something for everyone.

Not only does taking part in these activities enrich your college experience and develop extra skills that will make you stand out – it’s also something that will impress universities and employers. Taking part in these activities shows that you are willing to get involved in new opportunities, and want to be a team player. It will look great on your UCAS application, and on your CV.

My advice to all students starting at USP College at either campus is to be yourself and get involved in as many things as you can! Join a club – or even start a club, be part of the Student Union or get involved in the fundraising which happens at both campuses.

Before you start, you’ll be invited to a welcome day to introduce you to some of your teachers and meet others that will be starting college at the same time as you. (Although this may be in a slightly different way this year because of the pandemic). This is a great chance for you to make friends before you start college, so in September you will have lots of people you already know to make coming to college more enjoyable.

Most importantly, when you start don’t be scared to ask about anything – whether that is for directions around the campus, or if you are worried, our Student Services Team are also always available. As part of my role in the Student Union, I know that student services support many students with whatever their struggles might be, and that the College introduces the safeguarding team to all the new classes in September.

I hope this helps and I hope you have a great summer and I wish you the best of luck when you start in September!

I wish I could be there to welcome you on your first day but I will be starting Drama School this September – good luck everyone.



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