Monday, May 29, 2023

Letter to Editor: Enforcement Officers praised for attentive care of elderly man

HELLO Editor,

I have been a resident of Thurrock for over 30 year’s and I’m so glad to see that we have decent human beings still living and working in Thurrock.

While I was at Morrison’s today waiting in the car for my husband to get our essential shopping, I witnessed two Kingdom Enforcement officers standing by an elderly gentlemen. I had been sitting in the vehicle for 1.5 hours and witnessed them constantly engaging with this gentlemen. The man seemed like he was in some sort of pain and and
discomfort, holding his stomach and head.

The officers went into Morrison’s and grabbed the gentlemen some water and was continuously stood by the gentle.

After the whole encounter, I spoke to the officers for a while: named Officer Nuri Silay and Officer Charlie Dodd and they told me that they saw this man in some discomfort and pain on the floor, they called the emergency services, they stood by the gentlemen waiting for the emergency services but the wait was too long and the services told them that they may be some time. The man was getting worse with pain, so they called him a minicab and sent him to the nearest hospital.

Enforcement Officers with the elderly gentleman. (Sent to us along with letter)
Enforcement Officers with the elderly gentleman. (Sent to us along with letter)

These officers were stood by this man for over 1.5 hours and done everything they could to help this poor man.

I read this online newspaper quite a lot and see negative articles about these officers quite a lot and thought I must write in after speaking to them and witnessing the whole thing. So I’m hoping you will post this.

These officers work on behalf of Thurrock Council and are employed by Kingdom Services Group. They are out on our Thurrock streets for long hours trying to support the police and country with social distancing measures and public gatherings.

They also deal with all environmental crime including anti social behaviour and drinking in Gray’s Town
Centre. As you must know, Gray’s Town Centre has a very big problem with this all.

I just wanted to shed some light onto the positive attitude and good work I see from these young men.

Thank you for all your hard work,

Resident wished not to disclose their information.


  1. It’s nice to see something positive about these officers in light of the large amount of bad publicity they receive. In fact a quick search of the net revealed that it has been reported that a great many councils nationwide have cancelled their contracts with Kingdom Group services citing reasons of heavy handed tactics with unscrupulous targeting of the vulnerable in order to make profit and complaints also seem to surfacing in this area of the same problems.

    I do hope the poor man makes a full recovery though were I in the same position, I am not sure I would want someone taking photos of me and posting them to the local news sites as it comes across as a bit invasive.

    It does seem a little dubious though that the officers took the time to give their names, job descriptions and employer details and one might be forgiven for thinking that this was in fact a shameless PR stunt.

    It’s hard to say without the full facts but the one conclusion that can be made is that these officers still haven’t got the hang of the social distancing guidelines yet.


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