Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Arthur Bugler Primary go above and beyond to complete social distanced marathon challenge

MEMBERS of Arthur Bugler Primary in Stanford-le-Hope were not deterred by the postponement of the London Marathon, which was due to take place on Sunday (26 April), only for it to moved to October due to the coronavirus.

They set about completing the challenge in their own unique way.

Members of the school were given the task of travelling as far as they could, in a social distanced marathon challenge.

Please watch the video above, posted on the school’s YouTube channel, which captures some of the fantastic moments.

Arthur Bugler Primary said on their Facebook page: “Well done!!!.

“A fantastic effort from our community and together we managed 283.86 miles and 42 star jumps!!!

“Well done to everyone involved and a huge THANK YOU to Miss Chipperfield for putting this together… (please see video above)”


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