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Riverside Community and organisations work together to get donations to frontline workers in Thurrock

RIVERSIDE Community Grays Big Local and organisations in the Thurrock area are working together to help donations get to hard-working people on the frontline who are putting themselves at risk during the pandemic.

Donations from South Essex College in Thurrock and the Marks and Spencer store in Lakeside were among those to donate to the frontline workers.

“We have continued to collect generous donations across the borough from local organisations. This week we were once again invited to collect more donations from the lovely people in the catering team at South Essex College at both Southend and Thurrock.

“As the college hasn’t been able to reopen yet there were lots of cakes, biscuits, crisps and more looking for a good home.

“They didn’t have to wait long and much of their generous donations one to stock up the paramedic ambulance tea station. Run by the lovely and hardworking Stevie Smith.

“We also passed on a fantastic selection of bouquets and lovely bread donated by Marks and Spencer store in Lakeside.

“As you can see from the photos below, these have all made many hardworking people very happy.”





Earlier today (2 May), YourThurrock brought you the latest from the Basildon and Thurrock Hospital Charity, expressed its thanks to community groups, local businesses and individuals after a “fantastic week of donations.

It seems the community of Thurrock are not letting their spirits get knocked down by the difficulties faced in the lockdown. The community continues to pull together to help each other.

To read the full story from Basildon and Thurrock Hospitals Charity, click the following link: “Fantastic week of donations” for Basildon and Thurrock Hospital Charity


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