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Grays resident Pamela thanks volunteers

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IT has now been 45 days since Lockdown was announced, and we’re proud to say the community of Thurrock has not let us down. 
There has been 913 requests for help received by Thurrock CVS – a member of the Thurrock Coronavirus Community action group – amounting to an estimated 4,109 hours of voluntary time.
In previous weeks we’ve heard from volunteers and read their stories, and this week, we’re delighted to introduce you to Pamela, who has been helped by our volunteers and was happy to share her thoughts.
Pamela, 82, Grays

Pamela is 82 and lives at home by herself. She’s independent, drives and has a great group of friends and neighbours.

Recently, one of the TCCA volunteers, Graham, dropped off some shopping to her.

She explained: “My neighbours are elderly themselves, and where they are encountering their own chest infections and health struggles, I didn’t want to ask them to help.

“I’ve got quite bad arthritis, which means I find queueing extremely difficult – like when I need to go to the pharmacy and shops.”

Quickly after calling 01375 511002 and requested some support she said: “I was taken back to find somebody at the end of my drive saying ‘Take care!’ with a friendly smile so quickly.

“I’d like to say a big thank you to everybody for the work you are all doing. I’m amazed at the kindness that’s been shown here in Thurrock and all around the country.

“It can make such a different just to see a friendly face, or get a thumbs up from someone outside your house. Thank you all for being so wonderful.
“I’m very lucky to have a nice garden, and I sit outside listening to the bees and birds. I think it’s lovely when the sun is out to just sit and listen when you’re feeling stressed.

“I’ll be calling again in the future as I’ve got a prescription which needs collecting. It is such a comfort to know there is help.”

If you’re interested in becoming a volunteer with the Thurrock Coronavirus Community Action Group, please register here:
If you’re unable to volunteer but would still like to help, please consider making a donation to Giving for Thurrock (GiFT) here:


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