Friday, July 19, 2024

Two more former UKIP councillors defect to the Thurrock Tories


THURROCK Conservative Group has now grown to 28 following the defection of Thurrock Independent Group Leader and Deputy Leader joining the Conservative Group.

Thurrock’s Conservative Leader Rob Gledhill said “We welcome both Councillor Duffin and Spillman to the group which brings our number to 28, equal of the Conservative victory in 2004 and the largest majority group at the council since 2006 when I was first elected. Their skills and views will help boost those already within our group and we all look forward to working together to take Thurrock forward.”

Jack Duffin

Councillor Spillman said “Thurrock faces an unprecedented challenge as a result of Covid-19. We have both come to the conclusion that we must all work together to chart a safe path out of this crisis. The age of cheap party politics and opposition for opposition’s sake is over. Thurrock requires and deserves a strong and united administration to guide us through these uncertain times.

“To that end we have made the decision to join the Conservative group. We hope that our different skill sets, knowledge and experience will be of value and support to the portfolio holders within the cabinet.

“No peace time UK government has ever faced such an intense crisis. We have been hugely impressed by the scale and scope of the intervention this government has made in order to protect the health and well-being of its citizens. The furlough programme has been a life line to so many.

“We both initially became involved in politics to help secure and win a referendum on leaving the European Union. No one can question that the Conservative Party are now the true party of Brexit. We have been greatly heartened by the commitment to Brexit this government have demonstrated.

“We have also been impressed by the government’s ‘level-up’ agenda. The government have made a clear commitment that regional inequality is a priority that must be addressed. We greatly welcome this commitment and look forward to delivering upon it within Thurrock.”


  1. What a couple of reptiles they are. They have slithered from Party to Party leaving a trail of “slime” in their wake. In comparison it makes you want to hug a slug.

  2. I must protest Mr Perrin.

    What have reptiles done for you to compare them to these individuals?

    Reptiles of the World are awaiting your apology.


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