How much in allowances is Cllr Luke Spillman entitled to ?


WHEN our blogger, Mr Perrin, wrote a piece on the defection by the leader and deputy leader of Thurrock Independents (TI) to the Conservative group, he made reference to the size of their councillor allowances. Mr Perrin said they were on “£8,000 plus”.

One of our commentators, corrected him, asserting that Cllr Duffin was on £10,178 and Cllr Spillman was on £17,715.

So we went to the Thurrock Council website to check our facts but when we looked at cllr Spillman’s allowances, it led us to more questions.

According to Thurrock Council, he has been paid as follows.

2016-17: £7,761
2017-18: £14,497.32
2018-19: £17,715.50

So what has confused us?

In 2016-17, cllr Spillman was a backbencher. So it appears he was getting the basic allowance.
In 2017-18, cllr Spillman was the chair of a health and social care committee and therefore, he was in receipt of a special responsibility allowance.

In 2018-19, cllr Spillman had no special responsibility and his party were no longer the party of opposition. YT understands that there was a special responsibility allowance but that was close to £2,000.

So we wondered, why he was paid that much?

We asked Thurrock Council’s communications team, whether they could clear it up for us?

Needless to say, there has not been a reply.

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