St. Luke’s Hospice launches the ‘Pearl of St. Luke’s’ rose

st.luke's hospice

St. Luke’s Hospice launches the ‘Pearl of St. Luke’s’ rose

ST. Luke’s Hospice in Basildon is delighted to share news of a bespoke rose called the ‘Pearl of St. Luke’s’ specially cultivated in partnership with Peter Beale’s Roses and sponsored by West and Coe, and boosted by a generous donation from local support group Stepping Forward.

Jeremy West, from West and Coe, said, “It has been a pleasure to support St. Luke’s Hospice for over 15 years and we wish them a blooming success with the Pearl of St. Luke’s rose.”

The rose is a perfect addition to any garden – a unique, patented shrub which produces beautiful satin pink, perfumed blooms throughout the summer months and grows to approximately 4ft. Each rose comes potted and costs just £24.

With only 200 Pearl of St. Luke’s roses available before the end of summer, interested parties are advised to call as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

To place an order, please email or call 07741 598118.

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