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USP College Staff Volunteer during Coronavirus Crisis

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USP College Staff Volunteer during Coronavirus Crisis

STAFF at USP College have been volunteering to help the vulnerable during this time, as part of the NHS initiative, The Royal Voluntary Service and within their local communities. Their duties have included fetching shopping and prescriptions, taking calls from those suffering with anxiety, and acting as a Community Response Plus volunteer.

Kay Staines, Marketing Officer at Palmer’s Campus in Grays, said “To celebrate VE Day I visited my regular tea party gu…..  It was a great opportunity …. and to check they were ok.

“I volunteer for Re-engage, an organisation that helps combat loneliness and isolation by organising tea parties for older people living on their own. To celebrate VE Day I visited my regular tea party guest. It was a great opportunity for a catch up and to check they were ok.”

“Despite working from home and looking after their own families and mental wellbeing, the staff still feel that they are doing the right thing by offering to help their local community. Gemma Clifford, Supported Internships Tutor said “It is very rewarding delivering shopping to some people who aren’t as lucky as ourselves, and don’t have family nearby.”

Anita Downing, Supported Internship Job Coach has been helping her neighbours, “Initially I just posted a note through all my neighbours’ doors. Most of them text or called thanking me but said they had family delivering groceries, but I couldn’t bear to think of anyone being lonely and unable to get out because of lockdown”.

At the beginning of the crisis several students at USP also volunteered to help vulnerable people with their shopping, and have continued to do so throughout lockdown.

Though the restrictions are being slowly lifted, many are still shielding or isolating, so volunteers may still be needed for some time. If you require assistance with shopping or are in need of some support, please contact to arrange for any necessary assistance.


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