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Grays man publishes story of remarkable life

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Unbreakable: Part One. Coming Soon!

Available soon on Amazon eBooks.

Thurrock’s very own motivational speaker, Jag Singh has informed Your Thurrock that he will be releasing his debut eBook in June 2020 on Amazon – Unbreakable – the book is based on his childhood in East London in the 1970’s. The book will show the readers the true impact of being bullied, experiencing hate crime and neglect on a very high scale.

During his childhood Jag and his brother experienced racial hatred from all angles. Their only crime was that they were different, Indian, dark skinned, and not of white origin. They grew up in a time when the Asian population was almost non-existent in the UK. They were pioneers in their school, as they were the first and only two Indian kids in the whole entire school. There were no Black, Chinese or any other ethnics at that time in their school. This meant that they were open to abuse, being bullied and ridiculed for their skin colour and religious Sikhism beliefs. They were attacked from in all directions, racist teachers, children and the notorious brutal Nazi skinheads. Nowhere was safe. There was no where for them to run…

Please find an extract from the book below.

13th September 1978.

On this day we went to visit our Nan who lived locally on Barking Road. Bob and I loved travelling in Dad’s white Hillman Hunter Estate; it was enormous inside, with really comfortable seats. Dad mainly used the car for work, so any opportunity to ride in it was a real treat. At Nan’s, the grownups chatted away while we played Monopoly, chess and completed a few puzzles upstairs with our uncles and cousins. Time flew by, and suddenly it was past midnight. Dad eventually said it was time for us to go home.

About 1 am, as we approached our house in the Hillman with all five of us on board, including baby Sharan. Dad stomped on the brakes causing us all surprisingly to jerk forward. He swiftly turned off the headlights and stopped the car in the middle of the road, a few yards from our house.
Dad then lent over the steering wheel and peered in the direction of the skinheads’ den on the far side of Barking Road. Sat in the back seats, me and Bob couldn’t see and wondered what the fuss was all about. Sharan was fast asleep in Mum’s lap in the front passenger seat, and I was sat behind them.

I peered over her shoulder, and the sight I witnessed made me gasp. There must have been about fifteen skinheads all with shaven heads and wearing their braces and boots standing outside the abandoned sweet shop swearing and shouting. For them, this was typical behaviour, but for us, it was exceptional and disconcerting.

Mum turned to Dad and squinted, “You okay Raj? Please tell me what the heck you’re doing?”

Dad slowly turned his head toward Mum; his eyes were now wide open with fear, “Skinheads! Lots of them! More than I’ve ever seen before hanging outside their den! They are very bad people! Dangerous!” He pointed his finger at the windscreen; his face was now ashen.
Bob and I strained to see in the back seats; it was the first time we’d heard the word Skinheads, and we were curious.
“Just park up!” Mum insisted, “Let’s all get inside the house. NOW!” She began to sound a bit hysterical.
Dad totally ignored her and continued to stare in front, “There are so many of them!”

As we watched the rowdy skinheads, we became aware of their loud music. It seemed to have no rhythm, it was unpredictable, and the singer was just yelling out the lyrics.

Mum was getting impatient, “Come on! Get a grip Raj! Sharan’s sleeping, and we don’t want to wake her up. Park the car properly and let’s all get inside the house.”

Dad calculated his next moves and turned on the engine but not the headlights; he slowly moved the car forward and manoeuvred it directly outside our house. Eventually, it came to a halt…

Unbreakable will be releasing in June 2020 on Amazon (18+). For updates and more information you may follow Jag on Twitter: @jagsingh_ican


  1. An incredible read..was like I was experiencing it all myself..Jag has really made a masterpiece here for all to read and see how difficult it was to be different..11 out of 10..a must read!!


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