Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Thurrock BME Group issue statement on George Floyd

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IN light of events in the USA and on our own shores, Thurrock Black and Minority Ethnic Group has issued a statement.

A spokesperson said: “Thurrock BME stand together as one with the BME community in saying that we are profoundly saddened by the senseless killing of George Floyd and the persecution of black people across the world.

We send our love and support to the family of George Floyd and the countless others who have been brutally taken away too soon due to the colour of their skin.

We will continue to speak out against such atrocities and inequalities.

Our overall aim is to ensure there is equity of treatment, no matter the colour of your skin, your age or your disability –


  1. As sad as it is that anyone should loose their life at the hands of the police,lets not forget here that this guy had a criminal record as long as your arm including offences against A PREGNANT WOMEN. And lets not for get the shop keeper that was KICKED TO DEATH trying to protect his shop from looters.

    I’m all for peaceful protest but this has dishonored George Floyd and shown the world animal pack mentality.
    One should bring these rioters to justice and those who deface our great war time leader Winston Churchill should remember what he did to save us all so we can protest.
    The rioters are no more than savages. Throwing bikes and bricks at horses,come on!

    The one thing this has shown the world is they have no respect for anyone.

  2. Why is that Rocket?

    No harm in a golliwog toy.

    Maybe we should tear down the statue of Nelson Mandela, after all he was a Terrorist.


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