Mr Perrin’s Blogspot: Nobody comes out of £2 billion loan controversy with much credit

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ON Wednesday 8th July 2020, councillors held an extra-ordinary meeting, which the Labour Group had called for, to discuss the Conservative Group’s borrowing of £2 billion, from other councils,, which was then invested in solar energy projects.

The Labour councillors believed they were fully justified in calling for an extra-ordinary meeting, demanding the Conservative administration justify what could at best be perceived as over enthusiastic at worst profligate borrowing, thereby placing the Council’s finances at considerable risk and the possibility of bankruptcy..

What actually happened was a classic example that “p*ss poor preparation invariably results in p*ss poor performance:.

As a Labour Party supporter, albeit a sceptical one, I was embarrassed as one after the other, Conservative Councillors scoffed Labour Councillors, exposing how weak the Labour challenge was.

The Labour Councillors main concern appeared to be about the amount borrowed and the lack of overview and scrutiny which would have given them the opportunity of voicing their concerns much earlier.

Cllr Shane Hebb, portfolio holder for finance, reminded Labour Councillors that at a previous meeting Councillors, including Labour Councillors, had unanimously voted in favour of the borrowing and investment policy. He also pointed out that a number of meetings had taken place to discuss the borrowing and investment and that Labour Councillors, some who were now complaining, had failed to attend.

If Cllr Hebb’s comment is true, and in the light of no refute by Labour Councillors, one must assume he is, far from being critical of Conservative Councillors, it is a damning indictment of the Labour Councillors indifference and failure to scrutinise, question and voice their concerns at the time of the meetings.

Conservative Councillors considered the meeting to be a complete waste of time, especially when there were far more important issues such as Covid-19, they considered should be mostly occupying Councillors time. This may well be so but it should not prevent opposition on other issues being robustly provided.

I note that the imposter and scallywag Cllr Spillman was keen to demonstrate what a keen Conservative he has become, by means of his scathing attack on the motives of the Labour Councillors accusing them of political point scoring. What I find to be particularly galling is I find myself mainly agreeing with him.

My personal question to Councillors is, if this was your own money and you had entrusted it to another person to invest it on your behalf, would you have not been keeping any eye as to what that person was doing with your money, asking questions, being kept informed and being consulted as to what investments were being made?

As Councillors it seems that you consider you can do as you wish with other peoples money, I.e. the taxpayer, no matter how reckless your actions are.

There is always a day of reckoning. So take heed Councillors, the time will come when you will be held accountable for your actions.

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