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Jack Petchey Winners For Hassenbrook

Jack Petchey Winners For Hassenbrook

NINE Hassenbrook pupils have sparkled this academic year 6 becoming award winners during lockdown and have each proudly been nominated as Jack Petchey winners. Here’s who they are:

Smith Bengo 16 – Y11 – from Dagenham

Oliver Ford 12 – Y8 – from Stanford-le-Hope

Josh Beckers 14 – Y9 – from Stanford-le-Hope

Gabby Clive 15 – Y10 – from Stanford-le-Hope

Donnell King 16 – Y11 – from South Ockendon

Harrison Blake 14 – Y10 – from Tilbury

Dylan Harper 13 – Y9 – Stanford-le-Hope

Eve Wood 14 – Y9 – from Corringham

Harry Dowler 14 – Y9 – from Tilbury

Jack Petchey Achievement Award winners are young people who have gone above and beyond to achieve – perhaps when others thought they might fail. The Achievement Awards are primarily about recognising those who put in the effort and do their best.

And the six lockdown winners are…

Harrison Blake is a young career, and because of the current situation with Covid 19  he is not only keeping on top of school work, but also caring for his mum while helping his sister with her school work. His sister is autistic and  is struggling with the change of circumstance. With no teaching assistants to support, he has been sitting with her until she understands what she needs to do.

Dylan Harper does his usual paper round but at the start of the covid crisis he also has posted notes through his doors to offer delivery service to people in need too. He now runs errands for the elderly and vulnerable in the area. He also goes around his round later in the day to make sure the papers are being picked up just in case someone has become ill.

Donnell King is a highly popular pupil among his peers and has played a huge part in organising events such as Hassenbrook’s Got Talent. He has most recently begun work on a celebration event for prefects as a way to thank them for their service and arrange a formal handover to year 10s.

Gabby Clive is a peer mentor and has spent a lot of the 1st term supporting pupils into their new school. She also does this for new pupils who arrive as mid phase admissions. The younger pupils say she is a good listener and makes them feel really welcome. As our Sports Leader Gabby is really good at getting younger pupils to join the after school clubs and activities that she helps to advertise around the school…

Eve Wood was nominated because she has a great attitude. She is working hard from home despite having only a mobile phone to work with which she has to share with her siblings. She also has been her mum’s right hand young lady helping with her younger siblings both in caring for them and helping them with their learning. She is always happy to help! Mum says: “she has been a star”.

Harry Dowler was nominated as he helps care for his younger siblings and dad to a certain extent, who has a disability. This year he took part in the Respect Project, to which he was highlighted as being a positive role model to others.  He has joined our Cadets within school, and again has made a positive contribution.

Harry accesses his online work daily from home, sharing a laptop with his younger siblings, and is completing work set for him.  He is always polite, and patient and wants to do well.

Each winner will receive a medal, certificate, badge and £250 to spend in school.


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