Saturday, February 24, 2024

Thurrock sixth form college heads welcome government u-turns on exams

A NUMBER of Thurrock sixth form colleges have expressed their delight that the government has made a u-turn over exam results.

A-level and GCSE students downgraded by examiners in England will now be given the grade predicted for them by their teacher, the exam regulator has confirmed.

The major u-turn comes after days of heartache for pupils, many of whom feel that they’ve been cheated by an algorithm.

Ofqual Chair Roger Taylor made the announcement and apologised for the ” real anguish” experienced by pupils.

Dan Pearson, Principal & CEO of USP College said: “Last week I was disappointed and disheartened that students’ centre submitted grades were downgraded by an algorithm that does not take individual talents, circumstances or hard work into account. 

I welcome this afternoon’s news that the Government has taken decisive action to remedy this, rightly putting the assessment of these students abilities back into the hands of the teachers who know them. “

In response to government news regarding A-Level results this year, Ortu 6th Form welcomes the change in grading to teacher’s predictions. 

Ceri Evans, Headteacher of Ortu Gable Hall School, said: “We are delighted that our students, who have had a tremendously difficult school year, will have their hard work reflected in their grades. This decision is rational, workable, fair and nods to teacher professionalism.” 

“A-Level results day has been a day of celebration for our pupils in the past, however this year many were left disappointed with what they received. We were already in the process of discussing appeals for many of our students who deserved it, so it is a relief to hear today’s news.”

He continued: “While we are pleased that the Government have listened to our concerns, acknowledged the issue and swiftly put it right, there is still a lot of clarification needed, such as student certificates and appeals. Once we know more, we will inform our students and their parents as soon as possible via our website.” 

“We have been incredibly proud of all of our students this year and hope that as a result of the government’s decision today, they are able to secure a place at their chosen university or apprenticeship. The Trust’s priority is that all of our students can go on to secure their next steps in higher education or apprenticeships.”


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