Corringham Pre-school to open new building

CORRINGHAM Pre-School has announced its new building will be open in September, ready for the start of the school year. The new build, costing £1.2 million, will double the size of the pre-school and introduce a number of new learning zones for the children.

The pre-school has added one classroom, a quiet room for the youngest children to take their nap time and a large, open room with multiple learning areas.

Following the new build, the pre-school will also feature a new drive-through drop off zone to limit the number of cars during busy mornings, as well as a partitioned door to create a classroom environment to get children used to a reception class setting before transitioning to primary.

Lee Porter, acting headteacher of Corringham Pre-School, said: “We are delighted to get the building ready in time for our new starters in September. We are planning to start moving furniture in at the beginning of next month, including lots of new areas like a mud kitchen, a Gruffalo Woods reading corner and a large fishing boat the children can role play in.”
With a larger space for more pupils, the pre-school plans to have one of their 13 staff members to every five children. Lee is hoping to employ one or two new staff members in the future, with an interest in opening the positions up for apprenticeships for under 25’s.

Cllr Andrew Jefferies, Thurrock Council’s Cabinet member for Education, said: “It’s fantastic that the new Corringham Pre-School will be available for children in the borough to use in time for the new academic year.”

He continued: “The new setting will bring great opportunities not only for our children but will also offer new employment opportunities for those wishing to work in early years and support local children on their exciting journey through education. Thank you and well done to everyone who has helped make this happen in time for welcoming students back to school.”

Dr Sophina Asong, CEO of Ortu, was keen for the pre-school to empower young families. She said: “Our mission is to further enhance our provision of high-quality wraparound childcare in this part of Thurrock. This modern facility now enables us to ensure that no family needing a pre-school place is hampered by a shortage of provision.”

Corringham Pre-School is currently at 60% capacity for new pupils in September. The pre-school offers morning, afternoon and full day sessions for 2-4-year old’s, with a maximum capacity of 60 pupils per session. Please email for more information on how to register your child for September.

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