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Thurrock Festival set to return

THE ORGANISERS are extremely excited to be holding the first Thurrock Festival this year despite the circumstances!

Thurrock Festival is an annual festival that is unique in bringing the creative cultures of Thurrock and the world together through live and digital platforms.

Thurrock Festival artists and community have responded to the pandemic through arts, culture and participation.

LIVE | 12-2.30pm Grays Wharf | MANDI & the Grays Mandala

MANDI and the Grays Mandala will be at at Grays Wharf from 12-2.30pm on Sat 19th Sep with local Ashley Palapina BCaY, the courageous Royal Opera House boy soprano. He will be greeting festival guests and posting weekly update videos on our website and social media outlets.

The remarkable MANDI a large recycled plastic puppet is an acronym for Mandala Adored Nobel Deity Icon. Created by local artists Cece Luna in response to the waste we produce, MANDI will be dancing to specially composed music by Hi Ching and Kirit Singh. MANDI will lead visitors along the Wharf to piles of brilliantly coloured plastics collected and cleaned by Steve Catchpole and the Thames Beachcombers over the past year. Steve is Thurrock’s Clean-Up Facilitator | Thames21 River Action Group.

Here, the large public making Grays Mandala will take place. Thurrock Festival is hosting Grays Mandala in partnership with Kinetika’s T100 Mandalas. Grays Mandala is the theme of ‘Spring Clean’ facilitated by local artist Kara Thompson. Central to the mandala is a new piece, The Thurrock Mandala, coated in resin and designed by Hi Ching. Spaces are limited due to Covid – 19 restrictions and only 30 places are available so booking is essential. To book, please go to

International artist Ketna Patel, will be displaying her imposing 4 metre W.T.F. art banner on the railings at Grays Wharf. This brilliant splash of Asian pop art commenting on our environment will be an arresting work. If visitors find any of the symbolism needs explanation, Ketna will be specially there in person to do just that.

We are delighted that MANDi and the Grays Mandala will chime so resonantly with World Clean Up Day during the Great British September Clean, and the 50th anniversary of Earth Day.

DIGITAL | from 12am on | Covid arts delivered online

The pandemic has also given us a wonderful opportunity to establish Thurrock Festival Digital (TFD 2020) with its extensive sweep of creative work. Some of these will be under the banner of C19CC which stands for Covid-19 Creative Collection, activities produced during lockdown in Thurrock. Artists from Thurrock, Asia, Africa and Britain, both international and local, will present work created under lockdown.

Video Teasers are available on our website, YT channel, Facebook and Instagram now. Jackie Doyle-Price MP will be posting a video welcoming all visitors.

TFD 2020 has been themed in the following ways.

C19CC | Thurrock – Covid-19 Creative Collection is a host of digital activities created by Thurrock residents.
Lockdown Arts – enjoy unusual lockdown works from beyond Thurrock.
Earth Day 50th anniversary – find some remarkable reactions to our environment.
Black Lives Matter – unusual creative responses by artists.
By Thames To All Peoples Of The World – discover a variety of world artists and their work.

For all information, please visit Images attached.

Creative Director | Hi Ching

Indonesian Embassy | Riverside Community | Thameside | Thurrock CVS

Kinetika | South Essex College | Thurrock Lifestyle Solutions



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