Saturday, June 22, 2024

Thurrock Council leader has a message for parents at school gates

THE LEADER of Thurrock Council has a message for parents thinking of “mingling” at the school gates.

Cllr Rob Gledhill said: “Social distancing is vital when parents are dropping children off at school or nursery in the morning and picking them up at home time.

Coronavirus spreads far more easily amongst adults than children so it is important that we all do everything we can to keep our distance from others and prevent the virus from spreading.

Schools and nurseries in Thurrock have created timetables of staggered dropping off and picking up times to make it easier to maintain social distancing and help prevent crowds of parents forming at the school gate.

If you are dropping off or picking up children please stick to the time scheduled and try to leave the area as quickly as possible to make sure there is room for the next group of parents and children to drop-off or pick-up.

It is also important that parents practise social distancing and do not get too close to one another while waiting for children to get out of class.

Older children who take themselves to school should ideally walk or cycle. If they use a school bus pupils aged over 11 should wear a face covering and may be asked to sit in the same seat every day. Anyone aged over 11 using public transport is required to wear a face covering unless exempt.


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