Sunday, December 10, 2023

Thurrock Labour leader wants more transparency over Brexit Lorry Park

A SENIOR Thurrock councillor has called for more transparency over plans which could see the government build a huge new lorry park in Thurrock.
Cllr John Kent, leader of the Thurrock Council Labour Group, used last night’s meeting of Thurrock Council to question the Leader of the Council after ministers granted themselves the power to build lorry parks in the borough without going through the usual planning process.

Leader of the Council, Rob Gledhill, confirmed that meetings have taken place between Thurrock Council and consultants working for government, but three times he refused to confirm the proposed location of the lorry park.

The lorry park plans were pushed through parliament at the start of September as part of the government preparing for when Britain leaves the European Union’s single market and customs union at the end of the year.

“Keeping us in the dark over plans to build a lorry park in Thurrock is no way to treat residents. People have a right to know where it is planned to be and Thurrock Conservatives need to come clean and tell us,”

“The Conservatives won’t tell us where these lorry parks will be, how big they will be and how long they might have to operate for. People have a right to know all of this and Thurrock Conservatives need to come clean and tell us.

Councillor Kent added: “Leaving the EU was supposed to make democracy stronger, not weaker. The government must revisit its plans and commit to giving the people of Thurrock a say on any new lorry parks.

The sites will not need planning permission from local authorities after Robert Jenrick, the housing secretary, gave himself the powers to green-light the scheme.


  1. We have enough problems with Traffic in Thurrock with adding lorries into the equation I thought that there was lorry parks in Kent. I was in Kent a couple of weeks ago and there was 3000 lorries being held up and blocking roads


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