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Ortu Corringham Primary receive 4-star rating

ORTU Corringham Primary School has received the premium 4-star rating from the UK’s leading school guide website, trusted by 10,000 parents, for its hard work for the year 2020-21.

The school has been awarded a Certificate of Excellence this week from, crediting its dedication to students and their academic success in the new school year.

To gain this certification, Corringham Primary School assisted pupils and their families on a wide scale: making food parcels for delivery and collection, regular phone calls to each child’s home from their teachers and for those hit the hardest by the pandemic, personal drive-by visits and access to the right support were given.

The school also hosted meet-the-teacher where pupils could meet new teachers and peers. This also gave the parents an opportunity to meet each other while socially distancing. said: “We know how hard it is to run a school at all levels with all the demands that the government and Ofsted place upon you, and never more so than in 2020 during the unprecedented challenges of the global pandemic and school closure.”

Sophina Asong, CEO of Ortu Federation, was very pleased to see the school receiving this certification. She said: “School staff know they are getting important things right when parents see the value of the work that they put into supporting pupils, families and the communities in which they live. This is all the more impressive given how hard the pandemic has made traditional forms of parent-school collaboration. Well done everyone! Thank you for what you do.”

Lee Porter, acting head at Corringham Primary School, said: “This is a wonderful achievement for the school, our team of teachers, support staff and the wider community. Everyone has worked so hard to achieve our goals and throughout the pandemic have gone above and beyond their duties in order to support not only the pupils, but also each other.”

“Our staff’s dedication and commitment to the school shines through in the certificate of excellence and is thoroughly deserved by all.” is one of the UK’s most trusted school review sites. It has information on over 34,000 schools in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, including 2,500 independent schools and is a go-to for many parents seeking reviews on primary and secondary schools


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