Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Both Thurrock MPs voted against extension of free school meals for children

BOTH Thurrock MPs voted against a motion to extend free school meals for children into 2021.

The Labour motion was defeated by 322 votes to 261. A majority of 61.

Thurrock MP Jackie Doyle Price and South Basildon and East Thurrock MP Stephen Metcalfe voted on Wednesday night against the motion that proposed that children would continue to get free school meals until the spring of 2021.

Children of all ages living in households on income-related benefits may be eligible for free school meals. 

In England, about 1.3 million children claimed for free school meals in 2019 – about 15% of state-educated pupils.

Analysis by the Food Foundation estimates a further 900,000 children in England may have sought free school meals since the start of the pandemic.


  1. For some children that might be the only hot meal they get not all children can ask for help how many children are neglected every day and the adults in education don’t notice ? Seriously the money this government waste every day and pay rises they give them selfs but to give a child free hot meal Is to much country’s a joke .

  2. Both Thurrock MPs quick enough to take a £3000 pay rise yet couldnt vote for a misery £15 for the most vulnerable in society. Shame shame on the pair of you…


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