Wednesday, April 24, 2024

A13: Thurrock Labour demand Tories do not pass bill onto taxpayers

THURROCK Labour are demanding that the Thurrock Tories do not pass on the astronomical bill of the A13 Mismanagement Shambles onto to Thurrock’s hard-pressed taxpayers.

The shambolic project, with a current eye-watering overspend of £41m, has caused consternation in Thurrock for the length of delay and size of the ever-growing bill it has and continues to accrue.

At Full Council on Wednesday, Cllr Martin Kerin, Labour’s Shadow Portfolio Holder for Regeneration publicly challenged the Portfolio Holder, Cllr Mark Coxshall, to not pass the bill onto the hard-working tax-payers of Thurrock.

Cllr Kerin said:

“The mismanagement of this project is an open sore on Thurrock which is getting worse. Residents are concerned at the rising bill of £41m. They feel, rightly, that this cost shouldn’t be passed onto them.

“This bill of £41m comes on top of the £19m mismanaged Stanford Rail Project, the £10m on plush new Civic Offices, the £5m on loan fees and the billions of debt that has put this Council at the forefront of the national press.

“Enough is enough! Thurrock’s Tories need to come out and reassure our residents that they will not be made the pay the price for their bungled handling of regeneration.”


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