Essex Police Remembrance: Remembering our heroes who died for our country

Remembering our heroes who died for our country

TODAY we remember all the Essex police officers who have given their lives for our country during both World Wars and in subsequent conflicts.
Although this year is different, our officers and staff will still mark Remembrance Sunday – and Armistice Day on 11 November – in individual ways to remember and honour the fallen.

Chief Constable Ben-Julian Harrington joined them in paying his respects by laying a wreath at our memorial stone at Essex Police Headquarters.

During World War One and World War Two, 68 of our officers were killed. Two of them – Detective Constable Maurice ‘Dixie’ Lee and PC Alex Scott – died when our headquarters was bombed during the Blitz, just days after Remembrance Day.

Maurice and Alex were with fellow officers on guard duty and watching for fires on the night of 16 November 1940, when a German bomber turned back from a raid on London and dropped several high-explosive bombs over Chelmsford. 

One fell directly in front of the main HQ building beneath the clock tower, one in the Chief Constable’s garden and others in nearby fields. Alex was killed instantly by the shrapnel and Dixie died of his wounds in hospital shortly afterwards.

The Essex Police Memorial Trust commemorates all our police officers and staff killed on duty whilst serving with Essex Police or our predecessor forces as well as those who died serving our country during both World Wars.
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We will remember them. 

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