Saturday, April 20, 2024

Log burner fire in Corringham

ESSEX Firefighters have issued safety advice after a log burner fire spread to the roof of a home in Parkway, Corringham on Saturday evening.

Crews confirmed on arrival that the fire was within the roof space, after spreading away from the extractor flue.

Firefighters worked hard to cut away parts of the roof to prevent the fire spreading further, before extinguishing it by 10.30pm. Fortunately, no-one was harmed.

Geoff Wheal, Watch Manager at Corringham Fire Station, said: “As we head into the colder months, more and more people will be using log burners like this so it’s really important you do so safely.

“One of the key things you should do if you use a log burner or fireplace is inspect your chimney regularly – they can become blocked more easily than you think. If they do get blocked up and you continue using them, you’ll be putting yourself at risk.

“Keeping your chimney or extractor flue clear is absolutely essential.”


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