Friday, April 12, 2024

Concerned doctor’s message to Purfleet patients: “It’s important you know we’re COVID-secure and open.”

PEOPLE with non-COVID health conditions should still seek the help they need – as NHS services are still open even as the country enters its second lockdown. 

Primary care services such as the Purfleet Care Centre – which is an NHS service run by Virgin Care – are all open for patients.Dr Mohammed Munshi, a Regional GP lead at Virgin Care, said: “We’ve made changes to how we operate to align with government guidelines, but on the whole, we are as open and available as we were before the start of the pandemic.” 

Patients usually undergo an initial telephone consultation, with surgeries and centres still seeing patients safely face-to-face if required. Virgin Care’s GP and Nursing teams are currently conducting over 5,000 face-to-face, telephone, virtual or home visit appointments a week across their services.

Dr Munshi added: “Although the NHS is busy, we are still open and do have capacity to see you. We would encourage you to contact your local surgery or health centre as you normally would for any mental or physical condition.”We’ve worked to make our services COVID-secure.

We’re using appointment-only systems to carefully manage patient waiting areas and all our staff are fully-trained to maintain social distancing and use the required protective equipment.”It is so important that people know that we are open, despite the current difficult time we find ourselves in.

Even if you aren’t one of Virgin Care’s patients, every patient is important to us – please don’t put off getting help.”


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