Thursday, June 1, 2023

Stanford-le-Hope lawyer escapes ban after upskirting offence

A SENIOR government lawyer convicted of upskirting a woman has escaped being banned from the profession because his vile behaviour happened “in the heat of the moment”.

Daren Timson-Hunt targeted a woman wearing a summery dress on the London Underground as she went for a job interview last year.

Father-of-one Timson-Hunt, of Broadstone Road, Stanford-le-Hope, was spotted by a police officer hiding his phone between his legs and taking a picture up the lady’s dress “four or five times”.

He was previously given a community order after being one of the first people to be sentenced under new laws.

Now a disciplinary tribunal has agreed not to strike off from being a lawyer again.

The tribunal accepted his argument that it was a “heat of the moment” decision as a result of work pressure and was instead suspended for six months.

The Bar Tribunals and Adjudication Service held the hearing on November 23, and the decision was published on Monday.

The panel said: “The Tribunal was of the view that the offence committed by [Timson-Hunt] was a serious one if relatively new.


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