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Criterion Capital submits homes for key workers on Howard Road in Chafford Hundred

Criterion Capital submits homes for key workers

CRITERION Capital is delighted to announce that key workers such as teachers, nurses and bobbies will receive early priority access to the new high quality rental homes proposed for the derelict site to the rear of Bannatyne’s Gym on Howard Road, Chafford Hundred. The brownfield site has sat derelict for over a decade and become a magnet for anti-social behaviour, but a full planning application has now been validated by Thurrock Council to provide 344 homes, parking and new landscaping so that the site will once again give something back to the community.

Under the proposals, key workers will receive first dibs on the new homes proposed which have also been priced to be affordable to them. The starting salary for teachers outside of London is £25,714 and the indicative cost for a new one and two-bedroom home to be delivered as part of the regeneration is £750 and £950 per calendar month, respectively.

The proposed regeneration, called Mardyke-Gardens, claims its name from the scheme’s emphasis on improving the public realm and use of materials that reflect the lush green of the nearby Mardyke and chalk of the nearby old quarry. 

The proposal also comes complete with 201 car parking spaces and five car club spaces that will be funded by Criterion Capital for the first five years and have the potential to take 100 cars off of the road. The plan for new high quality homes has also been led by a rigorous transport assessment that proves beyond doubt that the new planning application will result in fewer car movements to and from the site than the existing planning permission for new homes and a medical centre.  

Twice in the last ten years Thurrock Council has approved planning applications for the site that were not built because they proved unviable. Criterion Capital have carefully designed a plan that is deliverable and, if they receive planning permission, the builders will be onsite within six months to clear the site and prepare for construction.

A spokesperson for Criterion Capital said: “We are delighted to present our proposal for the regeneration of this site that has sat derelict for far too long. It is time to stop the rot and our plan will revitalise this part of Howard Road to create a much more attractive public realm and deliver the new homes Thurrock needs. Our brave key workers put their lives on the line day in and day out for us and as a token of our appreciation our regeneration will put them first. That is why they will receive priority for the new homes that have been priced with them in mind.”



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