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South Essex College graduate secures key job in interactive design

UNIVERSITY Centre South Essex graduate James Lester has secured his dream job in interactive design.

James studied BSc (Hons) Games Design at the centre’s Southend campus. He now works for Ifour creative agency in Royal Tunbridge Wells.

He develops and animates video media while also working on new interactive technology such as augmented reality, vanity Snapchat filters, character animation and 3D environment displays.

He said: “Throughout university I was incredibly lucky to meet an array of talented and creative individuals, this network allowed me get my foot straight into the industry through the form of creative freelance work. I was then very fortunate to secure my role at Ifour.”

James really enjoyed studying at the University Centre. He added: “The best part of my time studying was having the amazing opportunity to travel to different parts of the world to see incredible games industry expos and network with officials. These trips led to so many amazing memories.
He now gives talks to current Games students about his experiences and how to break into the industry. His top tips are as follows:

  1. Trying to enter the creative sectors is incredibly difficult, understand that the more time you invest working harder and smarter directly correlates to how successful you are in the future.
    1. The industry is social. We live in the age of technology and can easily get into contact with the most influential people in our industry with a simple message. You should use this to your advantage to gain advice on how to personally grow from some of the best people in our industry.
      1. It is ok to slip sometimes. As ambitious individuals it can be easy to push ourselves to the limits to meet a deadline or progress our career. Sometimes however things might become too much, just know that this is completely natural and when you get back up you will be faster, better and stronger.
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