Warning after chip pan fire in Purfleet

FIRE crews have issued safety advice after an unattended chip pan caused a kitchen fire.

Firefighters were called to reports of a fire in a first floor flat in Coniston Avenue, Purfleet today at 10.55am on December 30th.

They found the kitchen full of smoke and a chip pan alight. They fully extinguished the fire by 11.25am and used a fan to clear the smoke.

Crew Manager Mark Twin said: “Unfortunately, the occupants got distracted after putting the chip pan on and it caught fire.

“Thankfully they had working smoke alarms which alerted them to the fire and they did the right thing – they got out, stayed out and called 999.

“They also managed to shut the kitchen door which reduced how much smoke damage there was throughout the property.

“Crews did a really good job in extinguishing the fire quickly and preventing any further damage to the flat.”

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