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Blogpost: Mr Perrin has a few word about a “rejuvenated” Cllr Spillman

Mr. Perrin’s blog: A Word in You Ear.

MY response to the item titled “Rejuvenated controversial councillor says he has lots to offered is glad to be back on the campaign trail”.

The people of Thurrock need Councillors like Spillman and his fellow defectors like turkeys need Christmas.

The cheek of Cllr Spillman seems to know no bounds. He has for years as a UKIP/Thurrock Independent Group Councillor, politically deceived and betrayed those who trusted him and voted for him. He would have us believe he was one of the Conservatives staunchest critics, denouncing them as unfit to govern at both local and national level.

In September 2019 he was denouncing the Conservative led Council, saying; “This Conservative administration have squeezed any democratic accountability and scrutiny out of the system. Competence has dropped to an all time low.”

How hollow and without substance those words must sound now. Having declared he was “quitting” politics and would not be seeking re-election in 2020, he is by circumstance of Covid-19 causing the cancellation of the 2020 Local Government elections, given a “free ride” as a Councillor until, at least, May 2021. Having secured a further year he then, without the slightest sense of loyalty to his fellow Thurrock Independents Group Councillors and devoid of integrity, slinks off and converts to Conservatism, singing their praises and declaring them to be jolly good fellows after all.

Cllr Spillman, blowing his own trumpet, says: “I’ve got the skills and experience to make a contribution to the effort to dig Thurrock out of the consequences of Covid. I’ve got a passion, housing, and the chance to apply that passion to support the cabinet. It felt wrong not to roll my sleeves up and get stuck in. We’ve all got to do our bit.”

He goes on to say: “I’ve been working for another Council’s homeless team since February (2020). I was seconded to the rough sleepers initiative for most of it and have been out visiting homeless residents for most of the pandemic. I know the pressures Thurrock is facing”.

He then appears to contradict himself, saying; “I’ve been cooped up for so long during this pandemic that I”ve completely recharged my batteries”.

Which was it, Cllr Spillman, “out and about visiting homeless residents” or “cooped up” at home?

You say you were “working for another council’s homeless team”. Why was that? Was it because Thurrock Council Conservatives were not as desperate to avail themselves of your skills and passion, as you would like to believe?

Or could it be that the “other” Council paid you, in addition to the considerable allowance you receive as a Thurrock Councillor? In my opinion, money has always been the main motivation for you as a Councillor.

Cllr Spillman, you suggest that there are people cashing in out of the pandemic. You say: “One thing I have found distasteful , both nationally and locally, are the attempts by some to cash in politically out of the pandemic. Call me old fashioned, but I think climbing over peoples graves to get votes is something to be frowned upon”.

You do not name the “some” you refer to or inform us of their political beliefs. Could it be that your remark is malevolent, unsubstantiated and outrageous. Cllr Spillman, I suggest that it is you who is climbing over peoples graves to get votes, and that is something that needs to be more than “frowned” upon.

Mr. Spillman, do the people of Thurrock the one politically decent thing of your time as a Councillor, depart the field, go peddle your “skills and passions” elsewhere.


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