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Five new council homes to be built in Thurrock

By Local Democracy Reporter

Angela Sharda

FIVE new council homes will be built in Thurrock funded through the housing revenue account to help families find more affordable housing.

The proposal, centring on Lowen Road, is to demolish the existing property and build 5 new council houses, funded by the Housing Revenue Account (HRA) via a mix of borrowing and the use of Right to Buy Receipts.

A cabinet member said that is a great example of maximising use of land and ultimately four more families will have a place where they can afford to live.

The site is proposed to incorporate five 3-bedroom family houses with associated parking. The scheme has been designed to a high-quality meeting design standard set out in the Nationally Described Space Standards and in accordance with National Planning Policy Framework.

The design seeks to achieve targets for renewable and low carbon technologies by being a zero-gas development.

As part of the development of this site, an adapted council property that is no longer fit for purpose as various extensions and adaptations no longer meet current requirements will be demolished.

The planning application was submitted on 30 November 2020 and the new homes are set to be completed during the winter of 2022/23.

Conservative councillor Barry Johnson, who oversees housing in Thurrock, said: “I would recommend this project to colleagues as it is not only contributing to affordable housing demands and targets and it continues to bring development forward at pace.”

The emerging Local Plan refers to the need for up to 32,000 new homes in Thurrock during the next Local Plan period to 2038.

Thurrock Council’s Cabinet Member for Regeneration, Cllr Mark Coxshall said: “We are now investing in homes – and I think it is the most important thing having someone have a home near where they work and making sure that they can afford it and crucial to that is council houses. Let’s hope the opposition can work with us to deliver large-scale council houses that’s what we want in the next ten years.”

As a contribution to this target, The Council has agreed its own ambitious targets for house-building through the HRA to build 500 affordable HRA homes between 2019 and 2029 which will be funded by the Housing Revenue Account (HRA) via a mix of borrowing and the use of Right to Buy Receipts.


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