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Thurrock Labour demand Tories come clean over Stanford Rail Fiasco

THURROCK Labour demand Tories come clean over Stanford Rail Fiasco

At Tuesday night’s scrutiny meeting, Labour’s Cllr Kerin sought assurances that the delayed and overspent Stanford Rail Station project wouldn’t go over budget again. No such assurance was given. 

Cllr Kerin said: 

“At last October’s Full Council meeting, I questioned the Portfolio Holder over this issue. He assured me that the project wouldn’t go over £20m. Why is it, then, that senior officers won’t put the figures in writing and back up what Cllr Coxshall said? 

“The people of Thurrock are getting sick and tired of Portfolio Holders and senior officers singing from completely different, ever-changing out-of-key hymn sheets. It smacks of incompetence. 

“When will the people of Thurrock get the answers they deserve? With the Tories in charge of this mess, I’m not holding my breath.” 


  1. Well done Cllr Kerin.
    I anticipate that you and other concerned Thurrock residents will be proved right and the overspend budget will continue to stretch to £Millions more.
    Please keep up the pressure on the bad guys.


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